Our Secret to a Better Shave

A better shave starts with the right products...and we have you covered!

To start with, we never want to do a dry shave. That's a great way to increase your chances of getting cuts and irritated skin. Rather, let's start with warm water and some exfoliation.

Grab one of our Body Polishes and scrub up! Exfoliating first helps to keep the razor overloaded with dead skin cells. Not only will it take off that first layer of dead skin, but it gives your skin a chance to soften up under the warm water.

Body Polish group

The next product for your better shave is going be our Whipped Soap. It's so versatile to begin with and while kids love it, as adults, we love it for a shaving cream! It's soft enough to help your razor glide along easily, keeping your skin soft at the same time. Some traditional soaps can be too drying or have an astringent effect which can make your skin feel flaky after your shower.

Whipped Soap group

Once you pat dry from your shower, grab one of our moisturizing lotions. In the winter, we recommend our Body Butters. Otherwise, our variety of Body Cremes are a great way to hydrate your skin immediately after shaving.

Body Creme group

While our products are aimed at busy mamas, let's not forget about those busy dudes in  your life! You'd be surprised how the above products can help get your man a better shave as well.  We even have a beard/hair oil that men love using after shaving!

First time shopping with us? Here's our recommendations for your best shave yet:

1. Good Night Body Polish. Lavender essential oils helps to soothe the skin and not cause irritation, so if you're newer to exfoliating or have sensitive skin, this is a great option to go with. Our essential oil line is also made with nourishing oils and butters. 

2. Whipped Soap. Select from one of our fun, yet lightly scented, whipped soaps! Rainbow is one of our personal favorites. 

3. Soothe Body CremeThe Soothe collection was designed to be not only lightly fragranced but our most moisturizing and hydrating of formulas to ease irritated and sensitive skin. Soothe is a must-have for any skin type and any age! If you're prone to having irritated skin after shaving, Soothe will be a good option for you. 

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