What Makes Our Bath Bombs So Amazing

If we've had to guess, you're not new to the bath bomb world. Between big box stores and other wonderful makers out there, there's a lot of variety and accessibility to these bath time favorites. So what makes Simply Stated's bath bombs stand out?

Well, before we dive in, I can tell you, if you're looking for the crazy, vibrant bath art show and bubbles galore, we are not your peeps. There's many other makers out there in our industry that specialize in those bath art shows and make fabulous, safe bath bombs. Our focus, however, is for sensitive skin and keeping us moisturized.

Bath Bomb blue water

Both myself and Marcia have sensitive skin, so the bath bombs full of surfactants and other fillers, only irritate our skin. In the beginning of Simply Stated, our goal was to create something we could enjoy without breaking out in an itchy rash afterwards. And once I had my own kids who have sensitive skin, it became a goal to make products for them as well that they could enjoy.

Now, I can't tell you our products are a perfect fit for every adult and child. That's entirely up to you to decide. Especially for kiddos...you know what's best, mama. 

Bath Bombs with essential oils

One of the biggest reasons we love our bath bombs is for the butters we use. Majority of our bath bombs are made with Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter. Our Soothe Collection is slightly different, and we'll talk about those later on. But why did we choose Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter?

Shea Butter is in just about every formula we make. It's pretty simple why...if you have dry skin, Shea Butter is one of the top moisturizing ingredients to use. There's a long list of benefits, so let's make it easy with the top 3: hydrating, antioxidant, and soothes irritation. Oh, and did I mention we use organic Shea Butter? Score!

Cocoa Butter may make you think immediately of "chocolate," but we use organic, refined, deodorized Cocoa Butter to eliminate that odor. Cocoa Butter is a hydrator and pairs wonderfully with the Shea Butter. A popular benefit of Cocoa Butter is its rich moisturizing properties. It's high in fatty acids and hydrates the skin deeply. It's also said to be soothing on skin irritations. 

Aside from the butters we are obsessed with, our bath bombs are also made with organic Sunflower Oil. It's top 3 benefits we love so much are the soothing effects, strengthening the skin barrier, and hydration. If your skin is dry and thirsty, sunflower oil will come to your rescue.

Bath Bombs year round scents in standard size

Let's talk a bit about colorants. We get it mama, you've had the crappy bath bombs from big box stores where the color was wildly disappointing. Or worse, it stained your tub. Been there, done that, hell, we've even made some of those crappy bath bombs in our early days!

But rest assured, after 6-7 years of this business, we can safely say that the colorants we use in our bath products are oil-dispersible, which means they can be mixed with oils and fats. We do use Dyes and Lakes to create the colorful bath bombs and to ensure the water will change colors. But we also use an ingredient called Polysorbate 80. This allows the colorant to properly disperse and color the water, not float to the surface and/or stick to the sides of your tub.

I will warn you though, if your tub already has some grime around the sides, you'll see some color "sticking" no matter where you get your bath bombs. Just take a wet rag and wipe it off, no biggie. And make a mental note to wipe down your tub often if you are a big bath lover ;) 

Bath Bomb water2

As for fragrance, we have a variety of fragrance oils and essential oils for our bath bombs. Keeping sensitive skin always at the forefront of our formulating, our bath bombs are lightly scented, just like our other products.

If you're looking solely for the uber-moisturizing bath bombs, skipping out on all the color and fun fizzy time, we recommend checking out our Soothe collection. Made with skin loving ingredients like Shea Butter, Mango Butter, butter milk powder, and oatmeal, it's a for sure win with dry, itchy, irritated skin. The oil and butter blend makes the bathwater extra moisturizing, helping to lock in the hydration for dry, itchy skin. The oats add relief for inflammation while the buttermilk softens your skin, leaving you feeling silky afterward. It's lightly scented in oatmeal milk and honey.

Bath Bombs Soothe Collection

Ready to find your perfect bath bomb? Our full inventory collection is here, and Soothe is here. We have so many different sizes and fragrances. The small bath bombs are perfect for kiddos 4 and under. The golf ball size bath bombs are great for ages 5 and up. The large round, tennis ball size make for the perfect bath bomb for a large soaker tub. Let's not forget the clouds, geodes, and other upcoming shapes in 2022!


Geode bath bombs Unicorn Kisses small bath bombs in medium pouch Cloud bath bombs with embeds  

Grab your book, a glass of wine, dim the bathroom lights if you can, and lock the door. It's time for 5 of minutes of peace and to soak away the stress of the day!

Happy soaking!

Chrissy & Marcia


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  • We love the mini bath bombs in a bag, my kids are either in love with bath time or try to avoid it, but it is always easy to convince them to get in to have a bath bomb and some fun soap dough.

    Dawnelle S.

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