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Easter Must-Haves

As a mom of 2 littles, I'm always looking to fill Easter baskets with more than just candy. Don't get me wrong, I'll gladly sneak in a few Reese's Eggs for my own late-night snacking LOL But in general, we try to keep the candy and junk to a minimum around our house, especially with any kind of holiday.

The Easter egg hunt provides plenty of sugar and excitement, then you have toys in the baskets from parents and grandparents, big yummy dinners with desserts, and by the end of the day everyone is sugared out, worn out, and probably a little cranky. Sound familiar? 

So to help shake things up for you, we've compiled a list of our favorite products that make great additions to any Easter basket. Some might even help as Easter celebrations wind down and kids are not quite so cooperative come bedtime routines!

  1. Bath Bombs

We have a wide selection of bath bombs for all ages! Our small bath bombs are great for smaller kiddos that don't need a full tub of water (or who don't take longer baths).

Fun tip for Easter: hide the small bath bombs in Easter eggs!

For those older kids, grab our standard size bath bombs that are tri-color, a large shape like a Cloud with surprise colors in it, or the big bath bombs for a special treat!

Simply Stated Bath & Body Bath Bomb Packs of small bath bombs


  1. Bubble Dough

Bubble Dough is always a hit! You can play with it like playdough in the bath tub, yet use it as soap or bubble bath. I love to let Callen (my 5 yo) play with it on the side of the tub like play dough. He sticks his little action figures in it or molds it around.

When he's ready for bubbles, we pinch off a little piece and run it under warm running water. Or we throw it on his bath pouf and he washes with it. The best part, if he isn't in the mood for a bath, I know the Bubble Dough will provide some entertainment while he showers!

Choose from 1 of 2 packs available. The blue pack is Blueberry (blue), Green Apple (green), or Orange (orange). Or the pink pack is Strawberry jam (pink), Berry Punch (purple), or Banana (yellow). 

Simply Stated Bath & Body Bubble Dough (blue, orange, green pack)


  1. Whipped Soap

Have you tried our whipped soap?? It's light and airy yet creamy and luxurious. Kids love the smell and texture. Use it by the sink as a hand soap or pop it in the shower/tub for a body wash. Best part is, it's detergent-free. Meaning it's not full of harsh chemicals that help it bubble up, but rather it's full of skin moisturizing ingredients like Shea and Cocoa Butters. 

But as adults, it's great for a shaving cream. Learn more on this blog post about Our Secret to a Better Shave. 

Simply Stated Bath & Body Whipped Soap group picture


  1. Lip Balm

Our Lip Balm has been a top seller for years. And there's no surprise as to why. It's soft, buttery, smells amazing, and doesn't leave your lips begging for more lip balm 2.5 seconds later ;) We have a large assortment of flavors, you'll be bound to find something for the small kiddo or the teenager!

Simply Stated Bath & Body Lip Balm March Collection 

  1. Lip Scrubs

If you live in Colorado like us, your lips are probably dry and cracked because our weather can't decide what it wants to do! Lip Scrubs are great for some TLC and to scrub off the dead skin. It's gentle enough for everyone and really doesn't take much to use!

Pick from one of our Lip Duos (small lip scrub + matching lip balm). Or grab one of our new larger size jars here.  

Simply Stated Bath & Body Lip Scrub Jars


Simply Stated Bath & Body Lip Duos March Collection 

  1. Roll-On Perfume

Roll-On Perfume is a fan favorite for girls of all ages! We're now carrying a larger selection of fragrances. Everything from Fairy Dust for little girls up to Black Violet + Saffron for a more sophisticated scent for mama! 

Simply Stated Bath & Body Roll-On Perfume Spring Collection


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