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Our first Small Biz Shoutout goes to Kellee Springer with Usborne Books! I met Kellee a few years back at FarmBoy CrossFit and just love her little family! If you haven't checked out Usborne Books for your kiddos, you need to get in touch with Kel! Most of Callen's favorites books are from Usborne. They truly are amazing and such quality!


Hi! My name is Kellee Springer and I live in Wiggins Colorado! I am a mom to 3 little boys, Kyler is almost 7, Kaeson is 5, and Kole is 3! I am married to my high school sweetheart, we have been together for 15 years now ❤️ I am also a registered Nurse and work once a week, working with the elderly is my calling in life!

Kellee Springer's family

I was introduced to Usborne Books & More in December of 2017. I got invited to an online party by one of my friends, and i thought well.... I guess I’ll get each of the boys a book for Christmas. When the books arrived I WAS HOOKED! My first one I looked at was the Human Body Shine a Light, and my boys and I LOVED it and wanted more! I ended up joining in January 2018, and just intended to use the discount for me to grow my library.... but not long after I couldn’t help but want to share these amazing books with as many people as I can! And here I am! A year and a half later! ☺️📚❤️

These books are life changing! The quality is second to none, and they are beautiful, educational, and fun! The friendships and people I’ve met along the way are priceless... I am a naturally quiet and introverted, and this business has helped me branch out and do things I’ve never thought I could do!

Usborne Books Live Love Laugh Read

Being an Usborne Books & More Consultant has been so rewarding! I have grown my own kids’ library significantly, and have introduced a ton of new parents, grandparents, kids, etc to these amazing books! Making literacy a priority is huge for me! I have also enjoyed giving back to my community and beyond! I have donated books to classrooms, Christmas baskets for the school, and just did a book raiser for the Ronald McDonald House!

My goal with UBAM is to be the best consultant I can be, and to reach as many kids as I can. I have learned so much through this process how books and reading can impact a child’s life!

This is my Facebook VIP group! I would love to have anyone join if they would like! I do sales, updates, games, literacy tips, and more in there!

One piece of advice I have for someone starting their own business.... Don’t give up! Sometimes it’s not easy, there are slow times and really crazy busy awesome times! But during those lulls, it’s important to remember your goals and why you started!

Usborne Books I am Not a Salesperson, I am a Wife, I am a Mother, I am a Force for Literacy

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