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Color Street with The Arndt Girls

I have always been a nail biter. It's a terrible habit, y'all. When I had acrylic nails on years ago that helped my habit, but yet I still pick when I am stressed out. And plus, I just don't have the time to sit in a salon and get my nails done anymore. A luxury I definitely miss! BUT I was introduced to this sweet mother-daughter team through a Facebook party and fell in love with their products. Color Street allows me to have cute nails again! I'm not chewing my nails, they are growing strong again, and when I pair with our new Cuticle Care, my hands look healthy once again. So it only made sense that I get to know this team better and share with you all! Check it out below! 

1. Introduce yourself
Hello! I am Molly and my daughter Peighton who is 7 started on an adventure together! We live in Weldona and in our family of 6, we are the only girls! We started this adventure together to gain some much needed quality time!

2. Tell us about your business.
Together we are Arndt Girls Nails! We found Color Street, tried it, were amazed that lasted for about 10 days, and offers so many designs to love. We thought surely our friends and family would love it too!

Color Street USA designs
3. What made you realize this was a passion of yours?
I wouldn’t say nail polish was a passion of either of ours. However our mission was to inspire people to use Color Street and quickly mother daughter time has been happening more and more often with our friends! We absolutely love that! I wanted to do this with Peighton to teach her several different opportunities. Peighton wants to be a vet. As much as I’d love to get her there and pay for her schooling, I can’t be 100% sure her father and I can pay for that. Every penny earned, goes towards her schooling. We taught her what profit is, how to present, talk to people, set goals, learn percentages, create a business card, and to follow your dreams. The nail polish we sell is something we both love, but everything that has sprung from this adventure has been the best blessing and learning tool for Peighton and I! I was so proud of her when we took her to Edward Jones and opened her 529 account! She put her hard earned cash towards her future! She was so proud!! We play games on our group and we have so much fun with our members. It’s certainly becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives and we keep falling in love with all it continues to offer us! 💖

4. Was the intention to start a business right out of the gate?
I was looking for ways to teach Peighton about money. I wanted quality time together, and if we made a little money, it could show Peighton the value of hard work and working towards to big picture of becoming a vet! I liked the simplicity of this company, it offers a wide variety of styles, however it is only nail polish! We can both feel confident with the product, we can both understand and explain the product which would give Peighton the confidence to share with her friends, family, and now many more!!

5. What is unique about your business?
I would say our mother daughter duo is pretty special! Peighton is a daddy’s girl all the way, but this has brought us closer, and when we go live, you can just see how much we’ve grown from the start.

Arndt Girls purple nails
6. Most rewarding aspect of being an entrepreneur and owning a business?
The most rewarding aspect has been teaching Peighton that we can do anything together and although her large goal is many years away, with hard work, we will reach our goals!! I love the opportunity and discussing all the new designs or games we can play. This team effort has become a highlight to our day or week! It’s been amazing having Peighton learn how to do some of our graphics and then share them. I love the platform of confidence and tools we have embraced!

7. Most challenging aspect of being an entrepreneur and owning a business?
This is a great question. While we do our own thing, we still rely on Color Street to give us our product and some times they have styles that are out of stock. Even though that is out of our control, we hate disappointing customers.

8. Do you have a favorite product/service of yours?
Since we only sell nail polish, that would have to say that! However we have many styles and designs, and Peighton loves the glitter styles, and I love the specialty designs!

Arndt Girls manicure nails
9. Where do you see your business going in the next 5 years? What is the ultimate goal?
With many MLM companies the goal is to grow and add to your team. While I know this helps build revenue and is ideal, it is not our main mission. We see ourselves being the nail girls to so many! We want to continue to share designs, gain in customers, and if we gain a few teammates along the way, that’s wonderful! I hope that in 5 years, Peighton will be 12 so I would love to see us implement more of her ideas and take more of a co-pilot approach. I want to keep teaching her the technology, design, how to talk to people, and set goals.

10. Where can we find you on social media, the web, locally, etc?
A few places, we have a group, Arndt Girls Nails on Facebook. We also have a company website: www.colorstreet.com/arndtgirlsnails
We also have a business page, Arndt Girls Nails

11. One piece of advice for someone who is looking to start their own business?
Of all the things I’ve learned along the way, it would have to be to not doubt yourself. The adventure can be scary and exciting to think about, but the rewards of reaching your goals is a wonderful feeling!!

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