Why We Are Lovin' Cocoa Butter

You know we love to bring you products that are moisturizing, more natural, and not loaded with junk. So let's talk about why we love Cocoa Butter SO freaking much! Here's our top 4 reasons:

1. It's edible and actually a form of chocolate. So there you have it. All the reasons we love Cocoa Butter LOL just kiddin'! In case you aren't 100% familiar with Cocoa Butter, the technical term is theobroma oil, which you may see on some of your beauty care products. Cocoa butter has the highest fat content extract from the cacao bean and is used to hydrate various areas of the body. Side note to this topic: unrefined Cocoa Butter does legit smell like chocolate! We use both refined and unrefined Cocoa Butter depending on our products and fragrances. Refined Cocoa Butter has less smell to it where as unrefined has that rich chocolate-y smell...that may not go real well with Infatuation or Spearmint ;) The color differs on both as well, refined has more of a white tint to it whereas the unrefined is more yellow. 

2. The high fat content means it's super moisturizing. It's amazing for your skin, hair, and nails. And it does wonder for your flaky lips...um hellooo, insert our amazing Lip Balm for that issue ;)

3. It's loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that can help ease skin irritations and is thought to have anti-aging properties. 

4. It's ideal for dry skin and you'll often notice products made with Cocoa Butter tend to have a bit of a greasy feel to them. So if you are prone to breakouts, I would suggest avoiding using it on your face or areas that could breakout. Unlike Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter will plug your pores. 

So which of our products contain Cocoa Butter? A LOT!

Our drizzled Bath Bombs! The "drizzle" is Cocoa Butter. You'll notice in the tub when you crumble it how smooth your water gets. A great tip is to take that drizzle and rub it on your skin in the bath. But fair warning, toddler toys attract the Cocoa Butter and will need a good rinsing...not that we have experimented with Callen's bath toys or anything..

Body Polish was recently reformulated to be a mix between our old recipe and the fan favorite of Whipped Shower Frosting. The new recipe include Cocoa Butter now and you guys, it's pretty amazing with Cocoa Butter added in there.

Body Butter was also reformulated for 2019. It's really creamy and will do wonders for those cracked heels or extra dry hands. I love using Body Butter after a nice hot shower and before I crawl into bed.

Our Lip Balm has always had Cocoa Butter as a main ingredients. And it really does help those dry and flaky lips. But I also might be a tad bit biased and addicted to our Lip Balm haha!



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