Spring Into Self-Care with February's I'm Worth It Box Reveal

There's so much about this time of year that makes me want to set goals, focus on self-care, and find all the work/life/home balance out there. Seems natural, given the first of the year is always about resolutions.

But did you know most people drop their resolutions by the time February rolls around? 

We don't want the resolution, goal, focus, whatever you want to call it, of self-care to fall to the wayside for you. It's important, especially as busy moms. Our lives are hectic and busy, and it's hard to slow down to pay attention to what we need. This month's box is a reminder to start (and stick to) your self-care journey for 2023.

February I'm Worth It Deluxe Box subscription box for busy moms

February Subscription Box Opening

Check out the full reveal on Facebook here. Let us know you joined us live or on the replay! We can't wait to show you everything and answer questions. 

Amazingly Grace Body Creme

All February boxes received our best selling product in the prettiest scent you need for Spring time! You can now find this available in our recently released Spring Collection. 

Amazingly Grace has been a popular scent since we first released in Spring 2022. It's a soft, feminine scent of citrus and jasmine.

Our Body Creme is one of our top sellers every month and for a reason! Shea Butter is a key ingredient in each lotion base we carry as its thought to be anti-inflammatory, conditioning, toning, and soothing. Each Body Creme base is moisturizing yet non-greasy, making this a great addition to your skincare routine during the dry winter months.

Amazingly Grace Body Creme included in the Deluxe and Mini Boxes for busy moms

Black Violet + Saffron Hand Soap

Meet the newest fragrance added to our 2023 Spring Collection! As a Deluxe I'm Worth It subscriber, you got to be the first to try it before we officially launched the Spring Collection this month.

You'll want to keep this to yourself in your bathroom and not share! Not only does the scent smell amazing, but our natural hand soap is so soft and gentle, your dry winter hands will thank you!

You won't find artificial surfactants in our soap base, which often causes irritation to dry or sensitive skin. Our hand soap is made Coconut Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, and Glycerin, to bring you a moisturizing and hydrating hand soap.

Black Violet Saffron Hand Soap exclusive to Deluxe Box subscribers

Berries + Vanilla Roll-On Perfume

Did you know Berries + Vanilla is a dupe of Passionate Kisses by Victoria's Secret? Both Deluxe and Mini subscribers had a Roll-On Perfume included in their boxes this month. 

This is a stronger fruity scent, which makes it perfect for Roll-On Perfume. It won't clash with the Amazingly Grace lotion if you decide to layer products. If you prefer to keep your scents the same across the board while layering, you can also find this in Body Creme (or Body Oil), Hand Soap, Body Polish, and Whipped Soap.

Roll-On Perfume is an easy product to take with you on the go for a quick refresher. It fits oh-so-nicely in your purse, desk drawer, gym bag, or carry-on.

Berries Vanilla Roll-On Perfume available to all who purchases the I'm Worth It Box

Mama Needs Self-Care Jar

When we found these self-care jars, we knew they had to make an appearance in our February Deluxe Box!

Each jar contains a variety of things that "Mama needs." From a pedicure to a girl's night, to a long bath without kids interrupting you, there are plenty of ideas in this cute little jar to ensure you are making time for yourself.

On top of that, each jar has a couple of blanks included, so you can write out your own idea if it's not already included!

We knew these would make great gifts not only for our subscribers, for the moms in our world. You can grab a Mama Needs Jar here, while supplies last! 

Pro Tip: we recommend sharing this jar with your spouse. Come up with a schedule so once a week or twice a month you can pick an activity and get some much-needed time to yourself. If you love surprises, have your spouse or kids draw an activity! The important thing is ensuring you are scheduling time for YOU.

Mama Needs Self-Care Jar exclusive to Deluxe I'm Worth It subscribers, includes 30 self-care ideas/activities

Beaded Pen

Each box included a dark pink or light pink flower-beaded pen. Why you ask?

Well for one, it's super cute and pink...so of course, we had to include it!

But more importantly, it's here to be a tool for you. Within the member exclusive e-books, subscribers found affirmations that they can write out as well as a brain dump/journal activity.

While it's faster to type, science shows that when we slow down to write, we stimulate different parts of our brain, enhance creativity, and expand our thoughts and form connections between them.

If you struggle to journal, brain dump, write affirmations, or make lists in general, our hope is a cute pen will make that process a little less painful along the way!

Only those with a February box will have these pens! 

Pink Flower Beaded Pen for all subscribers

Member Exclusive Extras

Subscribers to the I'm Worth It Deluxe and Mini Box received a full e-book that included several pages of inspiring content. Our focus was to bring ease of self-care during the upcoming Spring Break for everyone. Whether that was helping keep the kids busy, finding time for yourself, or making sure you can decompress from each day, we wanted this e-book to be a resource at your fingertips for the next couple of weeks!

Subscribers received:

  • Activities to do with their kids/family during Spring Break (exclusive to the Deluxe boxes only)
  • Journaling prompts to help get organized for Spring Break, but also prompts that you can use for a brain dump every day.
  • Affirmations for the month
  • 3 Spring inspired (healthy) recipes
  • 4 workouts you can squeeze in your busy schedule before, during, or after Spring Break.
  • And a few more nuggets along the way!

Those that purchased a Deluxe or Mini box as a one-time purchase option this month also received a sample e-book.

Tell us in the comment what part of the e-book you loved the most!

Subscribers received a list of journaling prompts for self-care and mindfulness

Spring 2023 Collection

Subscribers got to pamper themselves first with sneak peeks of our newly released Spring Collection. But don't worry, you can grab your own self-pampering products now!

Click here to shop the full Spring 2023 Collection.

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