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Our Favorite Picks from March's I'm Worth It Subscription Box: Self-Care, Spring Fun, and More

Our 2nd box of the year was so fun to create! With Easter around the corner, we wanted to keep this box light and fun, with an emphasis in making downtime for yourself during the upcoming Easter holiday weekend. 

As with any holiday, we’re busy planning, making menus and travel plans, getting items gathered for Easter baskets and egg hunts, and just trying to coordinate the entire weekend (or several weekends in some cases for those larger families). Add in our normal schedules and to-do lists on top of it, and it can feel like there is never enough time.

Hopefully with this month’s box, you’ll find everyday joy in the products as well as some time for yourself to decompress. 

Self-Care Box for Moms that focuses on downtime and mindful minutes

March Subscription Box Opening

Check out the full reveal on Facebook here. Let us know you joined us live or on the replay! We can't wait to show you everything and answer questions. 

Orange + Jasmine Body Oil

Have you tried our Body Oil before?

It is made to be fast absorbing and versatile.

Use straight out of the shower for a moisturizing body oil, a massage oil, or to help tame some of those frizzy pieces of hair in the dry weather!

We chose Orange + Jasmine for the Deluxe exclusive Body Oil as it's such a popular scent from our Spring line! It's actually a dupe of Love Spell by Victoria's Secret! Plus, the smaller size allows you to take on-the-go with you. Full size bottles are available on the site and app here

Small bottle of moisturizing body oil that was featured in the March subscription box for busy moms

White Tea Bliss Body Polish

An exclusive I'm Worth It Body Polish! White Tea Bliss is a delicate and refreshing blend of soft florals and crisp, clean notes. It just send the Spring Vibes we are all desperately wanting this winter!

Body Polish (sugar scrub) provides the best results when used 1-2 times a week. We personally love to use before shaving as it helps to remove dead skin build-up, ultimately providing you with a closer, softer shave.

Use a couple days later to give your skin a good polish and keep fresh. The organic butters and oil in the Body Polish are uber-moisturizing and will help fight off that dry, itchy winter skin!

Body Polish is a great way to scrub dry, itchy winter spring and get ready for the warmer spring weather. Member-exclusive scent for the subscription gift box for overwhelmed and busy moms

Wild Berries + Mimosa Whipped Soap

Speaking of a closer, softer shave, our Whipped Soap makes a great shaving cream!

While it was originally intended to be a body and hand wash, we found over the years it makes an excellent, creamy, shaving cream.

Our best tip? Use the Body Polish first in the shower to exfoliate your skin. Then shave with the Whipped Soap. Finally, follow up post-shower with the Body Oil (or Body Creme from the February Box, if you still have some leftover).

You'll be pleasantly surprised how soft your skin is!

Whipped Soap was featured in our March gift box for busy moms. Use as a soft and lathering body wash or better yet, take extra time for yourself and use as a creamy shaving cream.

Affirmation Charm

This month's affirmation is coming at you in a form of a charm, so you can have the reminder every day!

The charms state "I am...Strong, Beautiful, Chosen, Never Alone, Created, Amazing, Victorious, Always Enough, and Capable."

Hang it on your purse, your gym bag, at your desk, or wherever you will see the reminder each day.

Each charm is handcrafted by another small business we recently connected with.

These also make great gifts and a nice reminder for someone who may be going through a tough time. We have extra charms available thru our online store and app, you can purchase here

A reminder that is needed daily that you are enough, capable, loved, and never alone. Keep and hang in your office or gift to a mom that might be struggling.

Tulip Car Coaster

These cute car coasters are also handmade by another small business we connected with. And they are oh-so-cute for the upcoming Easter and Spring season!

If you live in your car like busy moms often do, we hope this bright and cheerful car coaster brings you a smile each time you get ready to take off to the next event, appointment, or errand, you name it!

Happen to have travel plans for Easter? Don't forget these coasters!

Only those with a March Deluxe Box will have these car coasters.

Bright, cheerful car coasters are perfect for the Spring season. Bring a pop of color and joy to your car while on-the-go.

Member Exclusive Extras

Subscribers to the I'm Worth It Deluxe and Mini Box received a full e-book that included several pages of inspiring content. Our focus was to bring downtime and a “mindful minute” to you during the upcoming Easter season. 

Subscribers received:

  • Mindful Minute tips (exclusive to the Deluxe boxes only)
  • A 16-Day Self-Care Challenge
  • 4 easy recipes to include in your meal planning
  • And a few more nuggets along the way!

Those that purchased a Deluxe or Mini box as a one-time purchase option this month also received a sample e-book.

Tell us in the comment what part of the e-book you loved the most!

I'm Worth It Boxes make an excellent gift for yourself or to gift to the women in your life.

Spring 2023 Collection

Subscribers got to experience more fun scents and products from our newly released Spring Collection. You can find Orange + Jasmine and Wild Berries + Mimosa in a variety of products!

Click here to shop the full Spring 2023 Collection.

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