Sunshine and Self-Care: Revealing April's I'm Worth It Box

Our 3rd box of the year already! We’re nearing the warmer Spring, even early Summer, weather and it’s time to get outside and soak up the sun!

This month’s box is all about blossoms, seeds, sunshine, and getting outside. As humans, we have an innate connection to nature. Our bodies and minds crave sunlight, fresh air, and the sounds of the natural world. Unfortunately, many of us spend the majority of our time indoors, surrounded by artificial lighting and artificial air. This can have a negative impact on our physical and mental health.

For April's box and self-care challenge, let's explore the benefits of spending time outside in the sunshine, in nature, and around all the beautiful blooms we'll be seeing! We hope you enjoy your April box and are able to find some time to sit in that Vitamin D.

Deluxe Subscription Box for busy moms who need help with self-care

April Subscription Box Opening

Check out the full reveal on Facebook here. Let us know if you joined live or on the replay! We can't wait to show you everything and answer questions. 

Gardener’s Scrubbie Soap

A Deluxe Box treat! Gardener's Scrubbie Soap features pumice powder for extra exfoliation and dirt removal. Gardener's can easily scrub away unwanted dirt after planting and digging in the garden.

With the warmer weather upon us and gardens getting planned out, this hand soap will be a must-have!

The best part? It works wonders for more than scrubbing off dirt from the yard. Use for mechanics, painting, etc. You'll feel extra spring-y and clean with the fresh lemongrass scent!

Gardener's Scrubbie Soap made with pumice powder and lemongrass esssential oil

Oasis Body Creme

As a Deluxe subscriber, you got your hands on the upcoming seasonal releases first!

Oasis makes its return in the upcoming Summer Collection (officially launching April 25th).

The intoxicatingly fresh fragrance includes golden bamboo, sparkling bergamot, red grapefruit, night-blooming jasmine, and a hint of wild grasses.

It screams fresh, clean, warmer weather, sunshine, and may even have you daydreaming about your own Oasis!

Oasis body lotion. The intoxicatingly fresh fragrance includes golden bamboo, sparkling bergamot, red grapefruit, night-blooming jasmine, and a hint of wild grasses.

Lavender Vanilla Lip Duo

All subscribers in April received these lip duos in their boxes for Spring/Summer!

What is a Lip Duo?

Our Lip Duos are a cute little bundle of Lip Balm and a matching Lip Scrub.

The Lip Balms are buttery and extra moisturizing. Lavender Vanilla was our pick-of-the-month given the spring, gardening theme we curated.

Lip Scrubs can be used a couple times each week to help slough off the dead skin on your lips and give them a refreshed look and feel!

Lavender Vanilla Lip Duo is a bundle of lip balm with matching small jar of lip scrub. All subscribers received in April's subscription self-care box

Grow in Grace Graphic Tee

April is our first ever graphic tee box and we couldn't be more excited that you snagged one!

"Grow in Grace" just HAD to be our first shirt for this self-care inspired box. Practicing self-care, especially in our busy everyday lives, involves so much grace and compassion towards oneself.

Self-care involves actively taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It's focusing on your overall well-being and inner peace. It's setting boundaries and saying no to unhealthy relationships. It's recognizing that YOU are of value and worth the time.

We can grow in grace and live a more fulfilled and purposeful life.

Grow in Grace graphic inspirational faith t-shirt. Navy, comfort, relaxed fit, super soft.

Early Bird Bonus! 

Subscribers that signed up early received an extra gift this month!

How cute are these flower pots for this month's box and special Early Bird Bonus??

Each peat pot contains a mini packet of flower seeds with instructions for planting, a white plant marker and a peat pellet. The peat pot is topped with a white card circle and the name of the flower on top.

Early Bird Bonus for box subscribers. Each busy mom received their own seed pot

Member Exclusive Extras

Subscribers to the I'm Worth It Deluxe and Mini Box received a full e-book that included several pages of inspiring content. With the garden, blooms, sunshine theme for the month, the content revolved around ways of getting outside and thriving! 

Subscribers received:

  • How to use Time-Blocking to Prioritize Self-Care (exclusive to the Deluxe boxes only)
  • A Self-Care Challenge that helps you get outside in the sunshine!
  • 3 new recipes to include in your meal planning
  • 4 time-saving workouts that can be done anywhere in your busy schedule
  • And a few more nuggets along the way!

Those that purchased a Deluxe or Mini box as a one-time purchase option this month also received a sample e-book.

Tell us in the comment what part of the e-book you loved the most!

Self-care subscription box for the busy mom 

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