Diving into our Bath Perks Program

Chances are you love getting rewarded for shopping and are already utilizing other reward programs from your favorite companies. So let's add Simply Stated to that list! 

Bath Perks were added to our site mid-2022. Prior to that, we had a reward system in place but long story short, it just wasn't a good fit for our customers and for us. So we searched long and hard before finally deciding on a program that would offer the most bang for your buck as a loyal customer!

There's so much to our Bath Perks program! You can earn points by following on social, shopping, and even referring friends/family! Not to mention extra points as a little birthday gift from us to you.

Logging into Bath Perks

Accessing your points is easier than ever now! Not only can you log in directly from our website by clicking on the pink Rewards icon in the bottom right hand corner, but you can also access your account/points through our app!
Bath Perks Rewards Icon

Ways to Earn Points

As soon as you sign up for a Bath Perks account, you are awarded with 200 points. Already have a customer account on our website? No sweat! The 2 will link together so you don't have to try to remember multiple logins and passwords for our site.

If you are on social, follow us on Facebook (50 points) and Instagram (50 points). Easy peasy!

Every order you place accumulates points. 5 points per $1 spent.

And of course, your birthday is a special time. So we're going to gift you an additional 100 points to your Bath Perks.

How to Earn Points with Bath Perks 

Ways to Redeem Points

Each time you earn points, you'll be working towards a coupon to use online or at our in-person events. Did we mention this is store-wide now?? These coupons are exclusive to Bath Perk members only.

500 points = $5 off coupon
750 points = $10 off coupon


Will the points expire?

Nope! That was one of the huge benefits we loved about this new program/vendor so much. In our old system, points expired after a few months. Now they continue to accumulate.

So actually, if you had points transferred from the old system to the new system, and have continued to purchased throughout 2022, chances are you have some crazy points racked up!

Please note: points were transferred in June 2022 and we no longer have the ability to transfer over.


Referral Program

This is new to our loyalty reward program and we love what this brings!

Each account is assigned its own referral link. The referral link can be copied and shared directly from the Bath Perks screen. Share to Facebook or via Email to friends and family.

When your friends and family click on the link you referred to them, they will receive an email with the "Friend" reward of $5 off their purchase.

Once their purchase is made, you will then get the referral reward of $5 off added to your account!

Referral System with Bath Perks

Note: If the "friend" has checked out as a guest before, or entered their email in any capacity they will not be able to use the referral link (as they will already have an email associated with their name) and will therefore not be eligible. The "friend" is not required to create a customer account with us in the instance they are new to our site and this is their first purchase. 


Bath Perks are available only to retail customers. At this time, our wholesale and private label clients are not eligible.

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