Inside the I'm Worth It Subscription Box

If you've been around our brand for a while, you might have known we rolled out a monthly box in late 2021. It was designed to be a bath box that included a handful of our products along with a fun item from another small business. 

Some of our items were from local small businesses here in Fort Morgan, CO. Others were from a small business we met and partnered with throughout the year.

But each box was themed and always a surprise! We released the scents ahead of time for you, but the products themselves were not revealed until you opened the box yourself.








While each box was different in its own way, we still felt like it was missing something. Something that truly helped you, the busy mama, implement self-care into your daily routine. 

In the last quarter of 2022, we decided to put our monthly boxes on hold. We pushed our subscribers out and we turned off one-time purchases. We dove full force into what this box should look, feel, and mean in 2023. We did surveys, we talked with current subscribers, we dove deeper into our brand and research.

So the burning question, is the new I'm Worth It Subscription Box meant for you?

➡️Are you a mom with kiddos still at home?

As moms, it is extremely hard to find time for ourselves. Between running kids around, work-life, errands, and keeping the house clean, how can we possibly fit in one more thing? That's just on a good day when everything goes to plan. Let's not even throw in sick kids, appointments that seem to always pop up at the worst times, crazy weather, or [insert your current pain point here]. It's overwhelming, it can cause anxiety, and let's just be honest, we're tired. We're just tired as a mother 😆

➡️You love self-care but feel like you can't make it happen?

So you love the idea of self-care but are overwhelmed by the thought? Or maybe you feel guilty because "self-care" sounds like a big expensive spa day? Or just can't figure out where to start so it stays consistent in your schedule?

Mama, we get it. Oh believe me, do we get it. Self-care does not need to be complicated. It needs to be simple for our sanity!

➡️Are you feeling like you need something just for you?

Maybe you've been looking for something that you can easily squeeze into your schedule and enjoy. Without the kids stealing/using/eating/losing (IYKYK 😂)  At the end of the day, isn't self-care and self-love participating in things that bring you happiness?


If you said yes to any of the above, we want you to join us this year! We want to help you implement simple, daily, attainable self-care acts into your routine. We want to help provide a community of other mamas who get it, who are juggling through the same crazy circus, and who are here to support you. We want you to feel like you are WORTH IT. Because mama, you are, you so are ❤️


Starting is simple:
📦There will be 2 options for you. The Mini Box or the Deluxe Box. Pick what feels right for you
📦Boxes will ship out every month on the 15th. 
📦Open your box the minute it arrives! Use the artisan products we made for you, love the lifestyle product included and all the inspiring content. Make this your go-to when you need 5 minutes of peace. 
Join the Waitlist HERE. We officially re-launch February 1, 2023 with the first box being mailed out February 15th. 
In the meantime, we have an Ultimate Giveaway going now through January 12th. You and your BFF could win an exclusive I'm Worth It Box to kick off the new year with your self-care journey. Giveaway entries and details can be found HERE.

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  • I’m interested in the mini but have questions…I am sensitive to florally smells so can you skip a box or request non-floral scents?

    Thanks ladies!

    Caryn Smith

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