6 Easy Self-Care Christmas Gifts

As the holidays are quickly approaching, you may be stuck on ideas for the loved ones in your life. Or maybe you have a big office party with gifts coming up and not sure what to grab. Whatever the situation may be, let us help you take the guesswork out and provide a unique gift that will surely be a hit!

Small Mystery Bags

These little bundles are perfect for situations where you need multiple! I love to gift for teachers, coaches, stylists, you name it. The sample jars are just the right size for traveling, to keep in desk drawers, or to simply sample the scent and texture of the product. Just the right size for someone who you may not be sure what their favorite scent it! Each mystery bag also comes with a bath bomb or shower steamer and of course, our best selling lip balm! 

Mystery Bags include 4 sample jars, a bath bomb or shower steamer, and a lip balm

 Small Gifts for $20

These small gift sets for $20 are great for Secret Santa, White Elephant, family exchange gift parties, or something fun for your girlfriends! Each duo comes with a Body Polish and a matching Roll-On Perfume or Luffa Soap. Encourage that loved one to give themself a quick at-home spa day with the Body Polish and Luffa Soap. Or maybe they love the easy (and compact size) of the Roll-On Perfume...now they can take with them anywhere this holiday season!

Small Gift set including a Body Polish and a matching Luffa Soap or Roll-On Perfume

 Bath & Home Gift Sets

Have a friend or family member who loves candles and waxes? Check out one of our Bath & Home Gift Sets. Very limited in quantities! But a fun way to promote a relaxing night-in....soak in the tub, light a candle or turn on the wax melts, read a book or listen to a podcast...count me in! These sets will vary in price depending on the products and size of candles.

Bath and Home Gift Set with Body Polish, Scoopable Wax, and freebie

 Favorite Gift Sets

The favorite gift set makes a return! Year after year we put these together for the holidays. This year you'll find not only the 2022 Winter Collection but our Core Line scents bundled together. Each set is $34.95 and comes with a Body Creme, Body Polish, Hand Soap, and matching/complimentary lip balm!

Crunched on time? Let us help with gift wrapping. We have a ton of cute holiday themed gift bags and matching tissue paper. 

Favorite Gift Set with Body Creme, Body Polish, Hand Soap, and Lip Balm

The above bundles are great gifts for under $40. Ready to see some bigger, more value packed, and full of self-care gifts? Let's talk gift boxes!

Bath Boxes

I would be amiss if I didn't mention our Bath Boxes for the holiday season. While we offer as a subscription box, we do always keep a few extra on hand to sell as a one-time purchase! December's upcoming box is no exception.

You can purchase the I'm Worth It Bath Box that is packed full of products for $45. But we also offer a mini bath box now...a smaller version for $25.

Winter Wonderland Bath Box with 5 full-sized products bundled together and themed for the holidays

Deluxe Holiday Gift Box

The Deluxe Holiday Gift Box is brand new this year! And boy is it packed FULL of products! Each box is valued over $75 but it's boxed up nicely for you (or as a gift) for $52.95. The boxes are packed with the same products yet we are keeping the scents a mystery for you. You'll see a wide variety of our Core Line, Seasonal best sellers, and some very limited time/exclusive products included! 

Don't want to gift this away? Girl, we get it! Snag this for yourself. After all, you deserve the self-care time just as much as the next person you are gift-giving these season. 

Deluxe Holiday Gift Box includes $75 of product and a wide variety 

Have questions about gifts or any of the bundles listed above? Please don't hesitate to message us directly on our site or shoot us an email at info@simplystatedcreations.


Stay safe, stay healthy, have a wonderful holiday season, and most importantly, don't forget to take some time for yourself while 2022 comes to an end.


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