2021 Bid Farewell to the oldies but goodies

We've officially been under our new brand for a good 30 days now. Rebranding has become quite a project. Just when we think we have one leg of this monster marked off our list, something pops up and we have the moment of "oh sh*t, we forgot XYZ was tied to that." LOL Needless to say, our documentation and organization tightens daily. The joys of jumping full-force into your business are endless!

With rebranding comes many changes, as you've seen. But aside from the aesthetics of our logo and social media, changes also forced to think about our current product line. In the past we had several collections, Simply Adored, Simply Natural, Simply Worth It, etc. Part of our rebranding is to really emphasize the "simply stated" which means downsizing, simplifying, and cleaning up.

You'll be seeing more seasonal fragrances, to help keep the fun variety and keep batches fresh. We'll be offering a few "fragrance your own" products where you can select your favorite scent from our large fragrance inventory. And hey, keep your eyes peeled for make and take classes!


Ok ok, now onto the actual Bid Farewell...


Going into the Vault

Don't freak out, these scents aren't gone forever! They'll make seasonal appearances at some point in the future.

Black Raspberry Vanilla
Cherry Almond

Revamp in Progress

Aroma Beads
Body Oil
Body Spray
Foaming Hand Soap
Room Mist
Whipped Soap


Are you part of our VIP group on Facebook? We're currently offering a "VIP Bid Farewell Sale" to our members where you get the chance to bundle up those fragrances/products going into the vault. The sale lasts while supplies last, so don't wait too long! You can check out our group here.


The Simply Stated team,

Chrissy & Marcia

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