Face Care Tips for the Summer Season

Living in Colorado means we go from one extreme season to the next, with little to no "normalcy" of a season between them. I feel like we just got over the dry winter skin and BAM, we're in the hot, (currently humid) summers.

The blazing sun and scorching heat can play hell on your skin in so many ways. The increase in the temps can increase the activity of the sebaceous glands. Which in turn, makes your skin appear oiler. If you're anything like me, sunscreen is an absolute must or you end up frying like a lobster, but it also means tons of breakouts that make you feel like a 13 year old girl again...ack! 


Here's our top 5 tips for face care in the scorchin' summer:

1. Keep your skin hydrated.

Drink that water, babe! And then drink some more. Water is so important to keep your skin supple, soft, and radiant. Plus, it flushes out the toxins. But on top of plenty of water, find a good face mask. We have several face masques that were designed for mature skin to dry to oily. My personal favorite is the Lavender Face Masque since my skin can be extra sensitive at times. Follow up with a facial toner for best results!

2. Find a good face wash.

I'm going to be totally biased here, but our Vita Burst Face Wash is my go-to face wash year round. Like I haven't used another brand in probably 3-4 years. It doesn't matter if we are in dry winter months or the middle of blazing summer heat. I use Vita Burst every. single. day. It's made with honeyquat and carob extract which help to cleanse and moisturize your skin. We also have a really nice honey facial soap that is gentle and smells amazing. Regardless of what brand you use, your face wash needs to cleanse away the summer sweat, dirt, and sunscreen.

3. Exfoliate regularly.

Want bright, smooth skin? Add exfoliating into your regular skincare routine. Seriously. While we carry a ton of sugar scrubs for this reason, we highly recommend our Brown Shuga Zit Zapper for facial exfoliating. It's gentle enough for the face, and made with 100% natural essential oils and honey. Its purpose is to remove piled up dead cells and help keep breakouts at bay. It's recommended to exfoliate 2-3 times a week but if you are sensitive, you'll want to drop down that frequency. And as always, do not over-exfoliate your skin and make it bruised or extra sensitive. 

4. Use a good moisturizer.

Our White Tea Face Cream has always been a huge hit for a year-round moisturizer. We actually just reformulated it and I gotta say, Mom (Marcia) made it WAY better than the original!! White Tea extra is thought to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The silk amino acids also provide a protective barrier for the skin. We use argan oil for extra moisturizing properties and jojoba oil will leave your skin feeling smooth and silky. Our face cream is light and won't feel you leaving heavy or greasy. The white tea fragrance is light enough that even the hubs won't complain about it. Sounds pretty dreamy, huh? It is. 

5. Wear sunscreen and cut down on makeup.

Ok, so that's kinda 2 tips in 1, I know. But here's why I combined them. Sunscreen is pretty obvious. This isn't the late 90s, early 2000s anymore where we lay out on the back deck all weekend with our bestie blaring NSync and using tanning oil in hopes we have a really good tan line to go back and show our friends on Monday (or in my case, burn like crazy and complain for days about the pain). We're smart, educated women here. Skin cancer isn't our end goal. Looking like a old piece of shoe leather in a few years ain't sexy. Wear the damn sunscreen. As such, cutting down on the makeup will help your skin breathe a bit more. It's already full of sunscreen, rrright?? Let's not clog it up more with layers of makeup. Avoid the full blown routine if you can and give your skin a much needed break. 


Ready to implement these tips into your face care routine for summer? Click here to grab our favorite face care products formulated by us.

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Stay cool and safe this summer!


The Simply Stated team,

Chrissy & Marcia

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