Well Hello 2019

Hey friends!! I'm so glad you could join us on our blog. In case you don't know who we are, let's do a quick intro: we're a mother-daughter team, Marcia (mom and I'll often refer to her as mom not Marcia, just a fair warning) and Chrissy (daughter, me the blog writer). We started Simply Stated Creations when I was getting ready to start a family. I wanted to eliminate as many toxins as possible in my life from food, to cleaning products, to beauty care. Simply Stated started off as a hobby and solely essential oils. Then friends and family began asking if we could make it in bubblegum, or smell like their favorite fragrance, and could it be hot pink or bright green?? Sooo, we began learning more and experimenting, and this business sort of happened by accident!

We've been at the business since 2016 and love learning, researching, attending conferences, seminars, you name it! We take pride in being 100% handmade, as well as being a small business in Fort Morgan, Colorado. We're all about supporting other local boss babes by teaming up for events, providing wholesale accounts, and just simply referring our friends to those businesses! You'll find a little bit of everything with us from essential oils, to fan favorite fragrances, to playful kid products, and now even household products! We have so much more in store for 2019, I cannot wait to show you all!

SO... now that you know who we are and what we are about, let's talk about this blog. It's been something on our mind for quite some time but you know, time factor with working full time jobs, having a toddler, running a side business, and just having to adult every day. My goal is to provide as much valuable information to you as possible. And not just about our business. I love to share and talk about the stuff that we all deal with - kids, organization, stress, fitness, recipes, family, fun activities, you name it, we'll probably cover it. Another fair warning before we dive too far into this blog this year, I'm super sarcastic and have a mouth like a sailor. No promises but I will do my best to keep a filter on the language ;) 

At the end of December, Marcia and I spent a lot of time reflecting back on 2018. What worked? What didn't? Where did we want to go business wise and travel for conferences? We mapped out a LOT. Especially after mom left her job at the school district after 25 years to be home more often.  Needless to say, January has been spent working on those plans, converting our business to a LLC (go us!), setting up processes for us to work more efficiently, and really just restocking shelves after the holiday madness lol

Kinda hard to believe that January is almost over, but that means we have goodies ready for you! Valentine's Day is literally around the corner and we have such cute gift sets put together for you. And have you seen our new bath bombs that are decorated like truffles?? Just don't eat them, ok? They are super moisturizing with mango butter, cocoa butter, and shea butter! Plus, I think Sweet Talk (white truffle raspberry) is my new favorite fragrance this season. If you haven't checked them out, give us a holler to stop by the Shop or start browsing online. I'm currently working on the website to get it updated with pictures, more information, and better organized. So bear with me! But we're always available for questions and here to help!



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