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Renewal and Bloom: Infuse Your Days With the Essence of Spring and Encourage a Sense of Renewal Within!

Our journey of blooming and spring inspiration carries into our latest box for March. Each item has been thoughtfully curated to infuse our subscribers’ days with the essence of spring and encourage a sense of renewal within.

March Subscription Box Opening

We always have fun thinking of the box contents and making everything come together as a theme. This month, we really wanted our subscribers to have exclusivity to the scents with the products…so we carried that through each product!

If you’ve been around Simply Stated for a while, you may recognize some of the scents that were featured this month! And we hope you agree how “spring-y” they truly are!

Let’s jump in and check out this “Renewal and Bloom” themed box.

Sweet Orange Body Oil

Sweet Orange makes a subscriber-exclusive return this month! A sweet combo of orange, bergamot, and tangerine zest with a hint of chili pepper to add some sass.

Sweet Orange, with its zesty and uplifting aroma, brings more than just a pleasant fragrance to your self-care routine. Rich in vitamin C, the body oil is a nourishing tonic for your skin. As the days grow longer, the citrusy notes offer a burst of energy and vitality, creating a sensory experience that resonates with the blossoming world around you.

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Cactus Flower + Jade Hand Soap

We understand the importance of not only effective but also family-friendly hand care. Our Liquid Hand Soap boasts a formulation that prioritizes the health and well-being of your loved ones. With ingredients like Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Apricot Kernel Oil, this soap not only cleans but also nourishes, leaving your hands feeling refreshed and cared for.

The cactus flower, blooming in the arid desert, symbolizes resilience and beauty amidst challenges. Paired with Jade, a stone known for promoting balance and harmony, this liquid hand soap invites you to infuse your day with positivity. Let the symbolism of these elements inspire your self-care journey this spring!

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Lavender + Mint Shower Steamer

Close your eyes, and envision the harmonious blend of Lavender and Mint. Lavender, celebrated for its calming properties, combines with the invigorating notes of Mint to create a symphony that soothes the mind and revitalizes the senses. The delicate dance between these botanical essences brings a sense of balance and serenity to your shower experience.

Shower time is often a hurried affair, but with our Lavender Mint Steamers, it becomes a ritual. Simply place a steamer on your shower floor (preferably towards the back corner so it is not in the direct stream of the water), and let the steam carry the therapeutic scents.

Tip: Use an old jar to keep the steamer in. Then you can add a tiny bit of water and let it fizz slowly. This allows you to bring the steamer, menthol, and essential oils right up to your nose. But also allow the steamer to last multiple showers!

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Rainbow Diffuser Keychain

This rainbow essential oil diffuser allows you to bring rainbow happiness and function together. Diffuse your favorite essential oils and clip the rainbow to your keys, purse, diaper bag or backpack!

Drop several essential oils onto the wooden beads. Reapply as little or as often as you like. You do not need to use this rainbow as a diffuser to enjoy it! Simply hang and enjoy. The diffusing is simply a bonus!

Member Exclusive Extras

Subscribers to the I'm Worth It Deluxe and Mini Box received a full e-book that included several pages of inspiring content. The content continued the theme of blooming in spring and self-care rituals, expanding on the content previously listed in the February Box.

Subscribers received:

  • Refreshing Spring Self-Care Daily Rituals
  • Subscriber-exclusive discounts for future purchases.

Tell us in the comment what part of the e-book you loved the most!

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