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Inside the Spring 2023 Collection

The cold snowy weather here in Colorado has us more than ready for Spring. Our winters are fairly mild out here in the rural plains, but man, we sure got hammered with snow and super cold temps this year! 

Luckily, we can fake it 'til we make it to Spring with this new collection we are launching February 20th 😆 Inside the new Spring Collection you find favorites from last year but we also brought in a newbie that we think you'll absolutely adore!

The fragrances are light, feminine, and fruity with a touch of soft floral. So basically all the things we love about Spring time 🙌

Mark your calendars: Official Launch Date is February 20th!

Amazingly Grace

Such a soft, feminine scent for Spring! This is always one that quickly sells out when it releases each Spring. 

Amazingly Grace soft and feminine fragrance. Included in our subscription box for February 2023

Berries + Vanilla

A dupe of Passionate Kisses by Victoria's Secret...IYKYK. Those that are familiar and love the original, go crazy for this scent each year we release it. It's fruity, a tad stronger than Amazingly Grace, and works so well for layering products. 

What do we mean by layering products? Use the Body Polish in the shower to exfoliate...then lather on our creamy Body Creme or use the fast-absorbing Body Oil...then throughout the day apply Roll-On Perfume as needed. 

Berries + Vanilla is a dupe of Passionate Kisses by Victoria's Secret. Included in our subscription box for moms for February.

Black Violet + Saffron

Meet the newest scent to the Spring 2023 Collection. This is Marcia's favorite out of the 5 scents.

We originally released this as a limited-time Roll-On Perfume in 2022. But after seeing everyone's reactions to it, we knew it had to come back in more products.

While it's "floral," it's not overpowering or obnoxious. Marcia typically doesn't love floral scents, so I was surprised she picked this out and fell in love with it. If that tells you anything, you know this is a good one!

Black Violet + Saffron is a new fragrance to our Spring Collection. Liquid Soap was included in our deluxe subscription box for February.

Orange + Jasmine

Ahh, Orange + Jasmine. Everyone's favorite! You truly can't go wrong picking this out for yourself or as a gift. Our I'm Worth It Box subscribers might just see this one sneak in a box within the next couple of months 😉

Orange + Jasmine is always a top seller. It's also a dupe of Love Spell by Victoria's Secret.

Wild Berries + Mimosa

This is probably my favorite from the Spring Collection. If you've been around for a while, you will recognize this as our old "Pampered" fragrance. While it was time to move the scent into the SSC Vault, we knew it had to make an appearance from time to time. 

Wild Berries + Mimosa has been a long time fragrance for our Spring Collections


Subscribers to the I'm Worth It Box will receive a first look into the Spring Collection when they open their boxes later this week! We can't wait to hear which scent/product is their favorite. 

The Spring Collection won't be around for long. What scent (and product) are you hoping to grab when it launches February 20th?

If you are local to Fort Morgan, CO, be sure to stop by our Spring Eggstravaganza on February 25th at The Block. We'll have the full Spring Collection with us so you can sniff and sample before purchasing your next favorite scent for the season. 💗 

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