A Look Inside Our 2022 Spring Collection

Spring is officially here at Simply Stated! We look forward to the turn of the season with fresh buds, grass greening, and warmer weather. Despite the windy season we're experiencing this year in Colorado, we are seeing signs of spring throughout our small town!

Our Spring Collection represents spring in every way. It's soft, it's floral, it's pretty, and it's just the change we need after winter! Take a peek inside our 4 new limited edition scents.

Amazingly Grace

This feminine scent will make you feel so pretty! After we discovered this gem, we learned it's a close dupe to Amazing Grace by Philosophy. Those that are familiar with the original scent have been loving our products and scent! This one is not overpowering in sweet or floral, it's a very light fragrance. 

Amazingly Grace Foaming Body Polish description

Cashmere + Silk

A very subtle and sophisticated, yet fresh fragrance! The hints of floral and coconut milk remind you of a warm spring day.

Cashmere + Silk Body Creme description


We originally sought out this fragrance for bath bombs for kids (thinking "skittles" type of scent). But the longer we worked with it, the more we loved it for us as adults! The unique blend of fruits and florals create an inviting scent that is loved by many of our customers so far. Don't be surprised that you'll find this available in Body Creme, Foaming Body Polish, Hand Soap, Whipped Soap, and Bath Bombs. Who knows, maybe more products will pop up in the future with this fun scent!

Rainbow Liquid Hand Soap description

Wild Berries + Mimosa

Ah, saving the best for last maybe ;) If you've been around Simply Stated for some time, you'll remember our beloved Pampered scent that we tucked away into the "vault" in 2021. Well, ladies, it's back for a limited time and rebranded as Wild Berries + Mimosa.

It's my personal favorites out of this Spring Collection with it being sweet and flirty. It will forever remind me of sitting in a spa, getting pampered, and drinking mimosas!

Wild Berries + Mimosa description


Need to test out these scents before buying the full size? We have samples available in the Body Creme and Foaming Body Polish. You can purchase individually or in packs here

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