Wellness Wednesday: Navigating Seasonal Changes with Affordable Luxurious Self-Care

The winter here in Colorado has been so different from last year. Last winter, we were covered in snow 24/7. The most we had seen for some time, especially out on the Eastern Plains where we live. This year, well, it's like Spring one day and then cold and awful the next! Mother Nature isn't quite sure what she wants this year!

Our bodies and minds undergo subtle shifts in response to the season. This "Wellness Wednesday," let's explore strategies for winter wellness, ensuring that we not only survive but thrive during the colder months (or warmer days if your state is confused like ours!).

This "Wellness Wednesday," join us on a journey of Winter Wellness, where we explore holistic tips to navigate the seasonal changes with grace and joy.

1. Immune Support: Fortifying Your Body's Defenses

The winter season often brings a host of viruses and infections. Strengthen your immune system with nutrient-rich foods like citrus fruits, berries, and leafy greens. Consider supplements like vitamin D, which may be lacking during the darker months.

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2. Stay Hydrated, Inside and Out

Combat the drying effects of winter by staying well-hydrated. Drink plenty of water and incorporate moisturizing practices into your skincare routine to keep your skin healthy and nourished.

Our current favorite product for hydration can be found hereRevitalize not only replenishes 7 essential minerals and trace minerals, it also supplies fulvic acid from shilajit—an ancient herbal substance—to help increase bioavailability, so your body absorbs more of the minerals you consume.

As far as keeping your skin hydrating, of course we're recommending our best selling Body Creme! Enriched wiith shea butter, it's the perfect way to keep your skin hydrated and happy for any season. 

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3. Embrace Winter-Friendly Exercise

Staying active is crucial for maintaining overall wellness. While outdoor activities like winter sports or brisk walks are invigorating, don't forget indoor alternatives. Try home workouts, yoga, or dance to keep your body moving.

Did you know that our Body Oil acts as a great massage oil? Double win for not only moisturizing your skin but massaging those sore muscles after a workout. However, if you want to take it to the next level, try the Relief Body Oil as it's made with menthol and feels amazing!

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4. Mood-Boosting Activities: Find Your (Winter) Joy

The winter blues can be real, but there are countless ways to boost your mood. Engage in activities that bring you joy – whether it's reading by the fireplace, trying a new winter hobby, or indulging in comforting winter recipes.

We all know that scent and aromatherapy helps to boost your mood. Grab your favorite lotion and take a moment to get grounded with the scent and how it makes you feel. Spritz your favorite Room Spray and let the scent linger and freshen up your area. Or my personal favorite is keeping an Aromatherapy Inhaler on hand. Whether I want to just enjoy the scent or truly need the aromatherapy aide, I always appreciate the little joy that comes along with it.

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5. Sunlight and Vitamin D

Limited sunlight during winter can impact mood and vitamin D levels. Spend time outdoors during daylight hours, even if it's just for a short walk. Consider a vitamin D supplement if needed, and explore light therapy for an extra mood boost.

On the really cold, gloomy days I love using my Happy Light. It's small enough to fit on my desk by my computer. Bright light therapy improves sleep, boosts mood, increases energy, and enhances focus so you feel revitalized throughout the day. Click here for the Happy Light I use. 

savor mood-boosting activities that bring joy to the coldest days

6. Warm, Nutrient-Rich Comfort Foods

Winter is the perfect time to enjoy hearty, nutrient-rich meals. Incorporate soups, stews, and hot teas into your diet. These not only provide warmth but also nourish your body with essential nutrients.

Grab our favorite, time-saving recipes here. It's my top 20 time-saving recipes for my busy family, that's healthy and nourishing without feeling deprived.

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7. Prioritize Sleep for Overall Well-Being

Quality sleep is a cornerstone of winter wellness. Establish a sleep routine, create a cozy sleep environment, and ensure you're getting enough rest each night. Sleep is essential for immune function and mood regulation.

Incorporate our lavender-vanilla linen spray, Rest Easy, into your nighttime routine. Grab yours here

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8. Hygiene Practices: Protect Yourself and Others

Practice good hygiene to prevent the spread of winter illnesses. Wash your hands regularly, stay home when feeling unwell, and maintain a clean living environment to create a healthy space.

You know we love our Liquid Hand SoapOur liquid foaming hand soap is crafted in small batches to ensure quality, and made with natural ingredients including distilled water, coconut oil, castor oil, and apricot kernel oil. Coconut and castor oils create rich and creamy bubbles. The glycerin is a natural humectant and draws moisture to the skin. Each bottle is a perfect addition to a bathroom or kitchen sink!

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Embracing Winter with Wellness

Winter wellness is about more than just surviving the season; it's about thriving in the midst of it. By prioritizing immune support, staying active, boosting mood, and practicing self-care, you can navigate the seasonal changes with resilience and joy. Embrace the beauty of winter, and let your well-being shine through the frost.

Tell us in the comments how you are surviving this winter season! We'll be in Spring time before we know it...let's hang in there!

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