Wellness Wednesday Series: Embrace the Art of Hygge

As the winter winds weave through the air and the days grow shorter, there's a Danish secret that beckons us to embrace the season's chill with open arms – the enchanting concept of "hygge." Pronounced "hoo-gah," hygge is more than a word; it's a feeling, a state of being, and a celebration of all things cozy.

If you are like us, you're probably wondering "Huh? What does this even mean?" It took us a hot minute to truly understand. But once we did, it made sense! We love cozy, warm, comfortable, happy, feeling good. And we like to make it simple.

So let's hit the main points for the season and maybe we can all incorporate a little "hygge" in our lives and homes for the new year. 

Image of hygge with candles and eucalytpus

Setting the Stage: Soft Lighting

Imagine stepping into your home, and immediately, a soft, warm glow welcomes you. Hygge begins with lighting. Swap out bright, harsh lights for soft alternatives. Think fairy lights, candles, and gentle lampshades that cast a warm embrace over your space.

Cocooned in Comfort: Cozy Textiles

Hygge thrives on softness. Surround yourself with plush throws, fluffy blankets, and an array of cushions. Consider earthy, neutral tones for a calming effect. The goal is to create a cocoon of comfort, inviting you to sink in and unwind.

Inviting Moments: Comfortable Seating

Invest in seating that not only looks good but beckons you to stay. A cozy armchair, a plush sofa – prioritize comfort without sacrificing style. Your seating should be an invitation to unwind, relax, and enjoy the tranquility of your sanctuary.

Image of hygge with candle, twinkle lights, pink fuzzy blanket and a book

A Symphony of Scents: Aromatherapy

Hygge engages the senses, and scent plays a pivotal role. Fill your home with comforting fragrances – whether through candles, essential oil diffusers, or the gentle waft of incense. Opt for scents like lavender, vanilla, or cedarwood to create a serene atmosphere. 

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Sip and Savor: Warm Beverages

Indulge in the Danish love for warm beverages. Keep a selection of teas, hot chocolates, or your favorite comforting brews at arm's reach. There's something magical about wrapping your hands around a warm mug and savoring the moment.

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Unplug and Reconnect: Digital Detox

In a world buzzing with notifications, hygge encourages us to unplug and unwind. Designate a no-tech zone or specific times for a digital detox. Allow yourself moments of uninterrupted peace to read, journal, or simply be in the present.

Personalized Haven: Curating Your Space

Infuse your home with personal touches. Display cherished photos, incorporate sentimental decor, and curate a space that reflects your unique personality. Your home should tell your story and embrace the moments that matter most to you.

Image of hygge with fuzzy blankets, warm tea, a book and candle

Why Hygge Matters:

In the hustle of our daily lives, hygge offers a sanctuary – a place where we can find solace, recharge, and connect with the simple joys of life. It's a gentle reminder to appreciate the beauty in the ordinary, to slow down, and to relish the warmth within our homes.

Share Your Hygge Journey:

As we embark on this journey of hygge, we invite you to share your cozy spaces. Use the hashtag #SSCHygge and tag us at @simplystatedbathandbody on social media. Let's create a community that inspires warmth and joy within our homes.

May your home be a haven of hygge, where every corner invites you to find comfort and joy in the simple moments.

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