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A Cup of Self-Love: Exploring the Art of Self-Care with Our Coffee-Themed Subscription Box

Every year we release a limited edition of the “Coffee Break Collection.” We first incorporated the collection into a subscription box last year, where subscribers received an entire box of coffee scented products. We just knew we had to bring it back this year and man, it was SO hard to narrow down what to put in the box. Now that our subscription boxes include more than just our handmade products, the possibilities most months are endless. Needless to say, we wrapped these boxes up more than pleased with the fun contents. 

August Box Reveal of the Deluxe I'm Worth It Box including coffee sugar scrub, whipped soap, lip balm, lip scrub, and a glass coffee mug

August Subscription Box Opening

We went live this month to reveal the box and talk about the items. You can view the full replay here.

Imagine a moment where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air, where the gentle touch of pampering products soothes your skin, and where the warmth of your favorite mug cradles your hands. This is more than a subscription box; it's an experience designed to transport you to a realm of self-indulgence, relaxation, and joy. Let’s dive into what was included in this past month’s box…

August Box Reveal  of the Mini I'm Worth It Subscription Box including whipped soap, lip balm, lip scrub, and a glass coffee mug

Coffee Break Foaming Body Polish

Inhale the invigorating scent of freshly brewed mocha as you gently exfoliate your skin with our coffee sugar scrub. The granules dance over your skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and renewed. This scrub isn't just about sloughing away dead skin; it's a ritual of rejuvenation, where you embrace the power of self-love.

Our coffee scrubs are highly anticipated every year and we are so excited that Deluxe subscribers get to experience the fan favorites first in the box this month!

Coffee Break Foaming Body Polish made with coffee grounds for extra exfoliation

Jelly Donut Whipped Soap

Dive into the indulgent scent of Jelly Donut with our Whipped Soap. Let the fragrance transport you to a bakery where the air is infused with sweetness. As you scoop the creamy soap, pause and allow yourself to feel pampered in the softness against your skin. This moment of self-care is a reminder that simple pleasures can turn any day into a special occasion.

Jelly Donut is so delicious, you'll be hard to resist running to your favorite bakery and grabbing a real one for a little treat! In the past years we released Jelly Donut in Body Creme, Hand Soap, and Foaming Body Polish.  This year we decided to expand the scent line and include Whipped Soap! We hope our Mini and Deluxe subscribers enjoy getting first look at the {new} product. 

Jelly Donut Whipped Soap new product added to the Coffee Break Collection

Almond Biscotti Lip Duo

Nourish and pamper your lips with the delightful flavors of Almond Biscotti.

Our lip balm and lip scrub duo ensures that your lips stay soft, smooth, and kissably fresh – a perfect accompaniment to your moments of indulgence.

As the weather changes soon enough, this little duo will come in handy to stay ahead of those dry, chapped lips!

Almond Biscotti Lip Duo consists of a Lip Balm and a mini Lip Scrub

Glass Coffee Mug

Sip your favorite brew (or really any drink of your choice) in style with our eco-friendly coffee glass bamboo mug.

As you cradle this mug in your hands, let it serve as a reminder of the soothing comfort a coffee break can bring for your overall mental well-being.

We had a really hard time choosing which mug to go with as this particular small business carried so many styles. But something about the definition felt all too true in the hustle and bustle of our crazy lives! We hope it gives each of our subscribers a smile each time they read it!

Coffee sarcastic definition glass coffee mug with bamboo lid and stainless steel straw

Member Exclusive Extras

Subscribers to the I'm Worth It Deluxe and Mini Box received a full e-book that included several pages of inspiring content. The content revolved around self-care tips inspired by the Coffee Break Collection!

Subscribers received:

  • Self-Care Sips: Coffee Break for the Mind and Body. Just as a coffee break offers a brief escape, this chapter invited subscribers to explore the concept of self-care that goes beyond the physical realm.
  • Self-Care Challenge: Coffee Break Moments. As subscribers begin to indulge in the luxurious products and explore the enriching content of the newest ebook, we invited them to take it a step further with our newest self-care challenge. This challenge is designed to infuse your daily routine with mindful pauses and moments of self-indulgence.

Tell us in the comment what part of the e-book you loved the most!

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