Small Biz Marketplace Vendor Membership

Small Biz Marketplace Vendor Membership

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Join our growing Facebook group, Small Biz Marketplace, to promote your business! Interact with hundreds of customers (new and old) to make connections, provide value, and grow your overall brand.

What you'll find in your vendor membership:

🔸 Unlimited posting to Small Biz Marketplace. You'll be marked for preapproved posts as a Moderator (so you don’t have to wait for approval – your posts go straight into the group).
🔸 Access to social media graphics to share and use within Small Biz Marketplace but also within your own community and business pages.
🔸 By subscribing, you are agreeing to receive our newsletter that will contain updates, content ideas and graphics, and more.
🔸 Subscribe and save! Get 1 month free when you subscribe. 
Please note: if you select one-time purchase, your membership will only be available for 30 days then your access to post within Small Biz Marketplace will be removed. 

What we ask from you as an approved vendor 👇🏻

1️⃣ Effort in posting. This includes more than “sales” posts. Our goal here is to increase engagement and provide value so our community of shoppers look forward to browsing Small Biz Marketplace. 
2️⃣ Feedback! We'll post within Simply Stated Business Solutions asking for feedback on engagement and suggestions to only better the group for Small Biz Marketplace.
3️⃣ Have fun! We want Small Biz Marketplace to be successful for our vendors 🥰