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Ocean Breeze Aroma Beads
2019 Winter Aroma Beads group picture
Old Spice Pure Sport (our version of) Aroma Beads
Phoenix Aroma Beads
Baby's Room Aroma Beads
Frosted Blueberry Aroma Beads
Lemon Lavender Aroma Beads
Tropical Twist Aroma Beads
Lavender Rain Aroma Beads
Dragon's Blood Aroma Beads
2020 Fall Aroma Beads group picture
Polo Red (our version of) Aroma Beads
Old Spice (our version of) Aroma Beads
Anarchy Aroma Beads
Fifty Shades Aroma Beads
White Oak & Birch Aroma Beads
Tuscan Leather Aroma Beads
Tobacco Caramel Aroma Beads
2020 Winter Aroma Beads group picture

Aroma Beads

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Aroma Beads are an excellent way to freshen up any room, locker, car, gym bag, you name. Simply place the organza bag of beads where you desire, and where there is air flow (i.e. around an air vent). Shake the bag every few days to keep the aroma fresh.

Everyday Scents

Baby's Room: A classic and loved essence of baby powder.

Frosted Blueberry: A festive blend of ripe, plump blueberries cooled with white florals.

Lemon Lavender: Refreshing lemons & calming lavender make this a wonderful scent for any occasion.

Tropical Twist: A unique blend of bananas, fresh grapefruit, with strawberries, kiwi, bubble gum and a touch of vanilla.

Lavender Rain: Soft lavender blended with clean, refreshing rain.

Dragon's Blood: A blend of amber, incense, Madagascar vanilla, patchouli, rose, jasmine, lilac, blood orange, and grapefruit.

Ocean's Breeze: A cool & breezy blend of ocean mist and flowers.


Macho Scents

Polo Red: The spicy red composition of wood, hot amber, and red grapefruit carries the scent of strength, masculinity and character.

Old Spice (our version of the original): Bursting notes of orange, lime, lily of the valley, and mint rounded out with an earthy patchouli, mossy, and musky base.

Old Spice Pure Sport (our version): Masculine and earthy with hints of citrus-will make the crowd go wild

Anarchy: The main note of patchouli is sweetened by the underlying notes of vanilla.

50 Shades: A seductive marriage of tainted rose and wild geranium with addictive notes of bergamot and gold amber.

White Oak & Birch: Soft and pleasant with notes of antique white washed woods, citrus leaves, tonka bean and vetiver.

Tuscan Leather: Warm sun soaked leather is surrounded by notes of smoldering incense, wild berries, brushed suede and red thyme leaves.

Tobacco Caramel: Rich, warming tobacco blossom wrapped with caramel and notes of mandarin, honey and rose.

Phoenix (our version of Axe type): Masculine, aquatic floral blend of lavender leaf and green mandarin top-notes, combined with middle-notes of Jasmine, basil, sage, warm-violet and earthy geranium, & perfectly completed with a vetiver, sandalwood and leathery-amber musk.

Seasonal Scents

Bonfire Bliss: A fragrance reminiscent of gentle, dusky breezes and bonfires, with notes of dried, wind-blown leaves, heliotrope, charred woods of pine and cedar, amber, smoky sandalwood, and musk with a background containing hints of roasted marshmallows, brown sugar, coconut and soft vanilla.

Cranberry Salsa: Notes of crushed juicy cranberries mixed with grapes, lemon, pink grapefruit, strawberries, and pomegranate with nuances of apple blossoms and heliotrope.

Pumpkin Pie Spice: A yummy, freshly baked pumpkin pie with notes of buttery cinnamon, clove, vanilla, and lemon peel. 

Christmas Tree: Warm and slightly spicy bayberry with hints of fir needle.

Spiced Chestnut: A holiday classic of roasted chestnuts warmed with spiced berry, nutmeg, clove and warm vanilla sugar.

Spiced Cranberry: Tart cranberry, warm cinnamon, and spicy clove dappled with droplets of sweet mandarin orange.

Snowman Kisses: Notes of morning frost, candied peppermint, cinnamon sticks and spruce.


Warning: Do not place scented Aroma Beads on wood, plastic, or painted surfaces as the fragrance can cause damage to these surfaces. Aroma Beads cannot be used in a potpourri burner because they will melt and they should be kept away from flames. Do not place Aroma Beads directly on a defroster in a vehicle, as they will melt.