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Brown Shuga Zit Zapper

Face Scrub

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We take pride in our face care line and ensuring that the quality is above and beyond. Each product is carefully handcrafted to bring you natural, moisturizing, and gentle products for all skin types.

Brown Shuga Zit Zapper is a soft exfoliant for your face. Brown sugar is made of smaller particles, which is ideal and gentle for exfoliating faces, yet still strong enough to scrub away dead skin cells. Crafted with Lemon, Lavender, and Frankincense essential oils, the scrub will leave your face feeling refreshed, healthy, and glowing.

How to use: Wet skin with warm to hot water before applying the scrub to the face. To exfoliate, rub the scrub in a circular motion. Rinse after use.

Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Coconut Oil, Honey, Vitamin E, Lemon Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Preservative.